Visionox attended the Boao Forum for Asia: Unbounded innovation drives a new technical revolution

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From April 8th to April 11th, 2018, the Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) was held in Boao, Hainan, with the theme of "An Open and Innovative Asia for a World of Greater Prosperity". Representatives from political, business, academic and media circlescommunicated their opinions, and discussed the future of Asia and the world.

On the afternoon of April 9th, the sub-forum "New Round of Technical Revolution" of BFA 2018 attracted widespread attentions. Generally, economists believe that every major economic cycle is fundamentally created and driven by revolutionary technical breakthroughs. This global economy recovery has been sustained about a decade, it is still difficult to assert whether it is strong enough and lasting. In recent years, a new round of technical revolution is taking place along with the development of many new technologies, including mobile internet, artificial intelligence (AI), new display, and big data etc.

As a representative of the China's new display industry, Visionox’s President, Mr. Zhang Deqiang was invited to attend the sub-forum and express his views, as well as put forward new thoughts on  the new round of technical revolution by combining with the development of emerging display industry.

       Unbounded technology drives a new round of technical revolution

In recent years, new technologies, applications and formats come out one after another. Which technologies have revolutionary potentials? Mr. Zhang Deqiang said everyone felt the characteristics of diversification when a new round of technical revolution was talked about, like digitization, platformization, intelligence or the important one called visualization, Now, it is the time of IoT, from all things interconnection to everything displayed, display will profoundly change the appearance of the world as the interface of various experience of information transfer and human-computer interaction. The OLED display technology is a new generation display technology, and its development will promote the reform of various technologies.

For a certain technology, breakthroughs and developments require more technical innovation collaborations in other areas. The development of new display technologies, especially flexible OLED display, has better realized the establishment of different scenarios in new technical applications, such as AI and mobile Internet technologies, and the integration of experiences like human-computer interaction, which opens the door of imagination of new space for the application of new formats for terminals. Thus, not only the depth and width of the industry's cross-border, but also the boundaries of various technology fields will gradually disappear in the new round of technical revolution, and will merge into unbounded new technologies for collaborative innovation at last. Therefore, only the fusion innovations in all fields, which face to the users’ comprehensive experience, namely called unbounded innovation technologies, can drive a new round of technical revolution.

Revolutionary technologies need three characteristics

Mr. Zhang Deqiang concluded that a revolutionary new technology must have three major characteristics when talking about the revolutionary technical characteristics. The first characteristic is that it is in right time. Firstly, the development of new technologies must meet the characteristics of the era, and then solve the current pain points and create new demand points. It takes a long process from the breakthrough of scientific principles to the production of economically valuable products. Both innovators and users need constant discoveries, as well as expand the application performances and fields of new technologies before subversion and use of the revolutionary new technologies can be truly realized.

The second feature is to open up the ecosystem. For example, with the development of flexible AMOLED display technology, folding screens, scrolling screens and even arbitrarily stretched screens will be applied to end products in the coming days. This technology will lead people's consumption. An open ecology must be set up so as to helo Visionox work with the upstream and downstream partners, as well as jointly design the future.

The last is to go round. The revolutionary display technology will stand the long time and be sustainable. In the past 30 years, the OLED technology has undergone iterative upgrades with continuous breakthrough innovation, and the flexible AMOLED technology continuously breaks through and makes innovations. With ever-increasing improvements, an unprecedented display scene format will be created with the forward-looking nature of times.

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