Visionox CEO Attends Boao Forum for Asia: Boundless Innovation Drives New Technological Revolution

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From April 8-11, 2018, Boao Forum for Asia was held at Boao, Hainan, under the theme of "An Open and Innovative Asia for a World of Greater Prosperity". Delegates from the world's political, business, academic and media communities gathered at the event to share views and discuss the future of Asia and the world.

On the afternoon of April 9, the event's sub-forum titled "New Round of Technological Revolution" caught the attention of many. Economists generally believe that every major economic cycle is created and driven by a revolutionary technological breakthrough. The global economy has been on the road of recovery for nearly a decade, but it is still hard to say whether it is strong and resilient enough. In recent years, with the development of many new technologies such as mobile internet, artificial intelligence, new displays and big data, a new round of technological revolution is upon us.

As a leader of China's new display industry, Dr. Zhang Deqiang, CEO of Visionox, was invited to share his views and give his thoughts on the new round of technological revolution brought about by the emerging display industry.

Boundless Technology Drives New Round of Technological Revolution

In recent years, new technologies, new applications, and new businesses have emerged. Which of these has the potential of spearheading a new revolution? Dr. Zhang said that when it comes to the question of the next technological revolution, people have many different answers, such as digital, platform, and smart. What is more important may be visualization. In the era of Internet, from the Internet of Things to Display of Things, displays, as the interface for information exchange and human-machine interaction, will transform the face of the world. Of which, OLED display is a new generation display technology that will drive revolution in many other technologies.

In terms of a single technology, breakthroughs and developments increasingly require synergy with other sectors. And the development of new generation display technology, especially flexible OLED displays, allows for application in different scenarios using artificial intelligence, mobile internet and other new technologies. This allows for the integration of human-machine interaction and opens the door to imagination for new terminal devices. Therefore, the new round of technological revolution is not just about the depth and width of cross-industry collaboration. Instead, the borders between different industries are slowly disappearing to create an innovative, boundless new technology. Integration of innovations across different sectors based on user experience, that is boundless innovative technology, will be the driver of the next round of technological revolution.

Revolutionary Technology Requires Three Characteristics

When it comes to revolutionary technology, Dr. Zhang said it must possess three characteristics. The first is timing, the development of a new technology must be in line with the trends of time. The new technology must be able to resolve current issues and create new demand. It is a prolonged process from a breakthrough in scientific theory to commercialization of a new technology. During which, the creator and users must continue to discover and explore the ways and areas where the new technology can apply. Only then can the new technology be revolutionary and adopted.

The second characteristic is openness, for example, with the rapid development in flexible AMOLED display technology, foldable, scrollable, and even stretchable displays will soon be used in terminal devices. This will lead to consumption. The ecosystem must be open enough so that partners upstream and downstream of the industry value chain can work together to design the future.

Finally, the technology must be sustainable. A revolutionary display technology must be able to withstand the test of time and be sustainable. In 30 years of development OLED technology has achieved constant breakthroughs and leaps in generations. Flexible AMOLED display technology has continued to be innovated upon and enhanced. Unprecedented display application scenarios will be created in the future and flexible AMOLED display technology will stay ahead of times.

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