The emerging on-board display is growing rapidly.

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More and more people drive vehicles with the progress of the times, technology brings the automotive industry with in-depth electrification and intelligence, display industry is penetrating all aspects of vehicle travel. As we all know, several major categories currently driving the global demands for small and medium size panels include mobile phone, flat panel, monitor and other products; but the emerging on-board display is growing rapidly.

In the future, on-board display market will further accelerate the expansion rate. According to surveys from some agencies, global shipments of on-board display will reach 145 million units in 2022; on-board display will be another big panel market following the mobile phone and flat panel; the global panel manufacturers will fiercely compete for market segments once again.

According to vehicle display reports released by the UBI Research, it is expected that OLED will begin to gradually applied to the vehicle display from the beginning of 2018; the vehicle display market may increase at the average annual rate of 17%; vehicle display market will reach USD 2.5 billion to 2025, while the OLED panel market will be about 20% of total sales.

GPS navigation, central control large-screen, electrical instruments and other electronic components may adopt OLED in the future; today's vehicle display products need facing more variable display environment. OLED panels not only provide safe driving and other auxiliary information, but also should have higher use security. At present, traffic is congested and road conditions are changeable, pay attention to anti-reflective and glare during driving, OLED panel display has better effect in this aspect, so that it not only displays images more clearly, but also better protects the driving safety at the same time.

Moreover, the future vehicle display shows a large-screen development trend, and on-board display is becoming mass consumer goods, more and more close to consumer electronics. AMOLED is featured by wide viewing angle, colorful, high contrast and fast response etc. AMOLED has strong design flexibility because of flexible display, suitable for any position of the vehicle; thus, AMOLED is very attractive to vehicle manufacturers because of it features. When facing the growing number of newly registered vehicles worldwide, the rigid demands of the automotive display market are strong. In the future, OLED display will inevitably drive the development and growth of automotive display market.

As for the use performance of the on-board display, some current liquid crystal materials will condense in low use temperature, and be damaged in high temperature; OLED panel performance should be better in these areas. As for the service life, it will be improved in the future, with the continuous progress of technology.

The future market of OLED panels in the on-board show has huge potential; there will be more OLED display products to meet you.

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